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Beaches in Marblehead

Posted by lubeckrausch_mc3b2e on May 7, 2019
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Growing up in Marblehead, you get to enjoy the benefits of living in a small, quaint, seaside town.

One of the perks of living in Marblehead is the many popular beaches that are perfect for a summer day. Some of our favorites in the area are…


Devereux Beach

99 Ocean Ave.

This is one of the most popular spots to enjoy a long, hot, summer day in Marblehead. This beach is located right in the heart of Marblehead with the harbor at its backside, in between the town and the Marblehead neck. This beach is a long sandy stretch, and it is perfect for families who want to swim or just enjoy the heat. There is a playground right on the beach, and a small beachside restaurant called Neck Run Cafehthat has awesome seafood and ice cream.


Gas House Beach

Gas House Ln.

Located in a small cove, this beach provides the perfect swimming and family environment. The beach is smaller, and usually more quiet. This beach is especially fun at low tide, when you have the opportunity to walk to Browns Island, a small island right off the beach. It is a great spot to explore and overlook the Marblehead Harbor and lighthouse.


Grace Oliver Beach

Beacon St..

This beach is located right next to Gas House Beach, and is very similar. It is a small sandy stretch, that is protected by the cove, and is a great place to hangout with your family and bring your dog! You can also walk to Browns Island at low tide from this beach as well, and it is a great place to adventure into the trail, and look out over Marblehead.

Fort Beach

Fort Beach Way

Right next to one of Marblehead’s biggest Attractions, Fort Sewall, lays Fort Beach. This small rocky beach is right across from the Marblehead Lighthouse, and has a beautiful view of the harbor. This beach is located right in old town,, and next to one of the most popular restaurants, The Barnacle. This is the perfect beach to take a quick swim, or stroll along the beach, and you can visit Fort Sewall too!


Riverhead Beach

99 Ocean Ave.

This beach is located right across the street from Devereux Beach, and at the base of the Marblehead Harbor. This beach is less crowded than most other beaches, and it is a great place to take your pets on a walk or swim! This beach may seem quieter, but it is still a great place to have a family beach say, or just go for a swim. SUP East Coast also offers all kinds of paddle boarding and rafting classes down at this beach. These classes range from kids paddle boarding to paddle board yoga!



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